So once upon a time…


there was a man named Shannon Leto. He thought he could fly . His brother was . That’s right, Jared Leto. They’re very close . But one day, there was a woman who came by and Jared was all  and Shannon was all , both want her real bad. Tomo, their friend was just like  at his two buddies. This chick was just like  cuz she thought she was the shit. Both Letos said they would back off, but when Shannon went to take care of his goat, Jared was all  and him and this chick were all  and . That is until Shannon got home and was all  and Jared was all . Tomo was just all . The chick left, scared of Jared and his  abilities. Then Jared found Shannon in the Lab and  begged for forgiveness. Shan was like and said “We’re even. Now let’s get Tomo, bro!” Jared loved this idea so much, he  like a girl. Tomo came in the room and sat and that’s when Shan    cuz Jared told Shan he’d distract Tomo with  . When they made Tomo cry, Jared gave Shan The Look, but when Tomo ran away, he was all  and . While they partied like , Tomo was all . Anyway… The moral of the story is . The end.

This just popped up out of nowhere for the first time in like 15 months… Huh.. Remember when? Haha